July 16, 2020

Best Gas Stove in India for 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

If food is necessary, every household has gas stoves! But with a variety of gas stoves and hundreds of models to choose from, it can really be crazy to find the best gas stove in India for your kitchen. You should make the right choice the first time so that you will regret it after purchase.

You will want to make the most of every country when you buy your gas stove. This is why you want to get the most useful reviews and information online to help you make the right decision about which one to purchase.

But as soon as we have covered you, the time has come to calm your worries! This article is divided into two parts. In the first part, you will see all the best models of gas stoves from India, where we collect user feedback on the best gas stove models on the market. In the second part, this is where we have summarized all the relevant information, which will make you more confident to choose the best gas stove for you. Sit comfortably and keep reading!

  • Manual gas stove,
  • Burner material is Brass
  • 1 small and 1 medium size burner
  • Powder coated body material
  • Toughened glass and black colour
  • Ergonomic knob design help in easy movement
  • Spill proof design plates surrounding the burner


1, Affordable price
2, Tough glass for easy wash
3, The prestige service center is given perfect service


1, Top glass does not use to ruff tuff as compare to a steel body

  • Compact design best for beautiful kitchen
  • Best toughened glass for heat resistant
  • Tri pin brass burners for even flame distribution
  • ABS knob makes user-friendly experience
  • 2 years warranty
  • Easy to clean


1, Excellent product with real 2, Value for money
3, Size as just simple small
4, Easy to clean


1, Manual knob

  • Extra spacious toughened glass
  • Metallic gold finish
    High-efficiency brass burners
  • Euro coated pan supports
  • Stainless steel drip trays
  • Stainless steel base black color
  • 2 years warranty available


  1. Perfect Solution for Small Families
  2. Elegant Design with Toughened Glass
  3. Top High-Quality Materials for Long-lasting Durability


1. Knobs are inconvenient to use

Best brand of a gas stove in India

The quality of a gas stove will determine the safety of your kitchen, not to mention the design and efficiency of the product. So, I want to share below some of the best gas stove brands in India. Whether it is high end or more affordable, I have chosen dozens of brands that exist based on reputation and customer satisfaction.


Prestige is one of the largest and oldest companies selling kitchenware and appliances in India. It has been around for more than five (5) decades already. TTK Prestige Limited has expanded its business across the country. It has a corporate office in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The company was founded in 1928 by Tiruvellore Thatai Krishnamachari. It started its brand as a TTK group before splitting into different modes like TTK Prestige.

Prestige started its manufacturing unit near Bangalore. And it became known about the manufacture of pressure cookers. It is now known for its different innovations. Through his innovation, he has won “Reader’s Digest Trust Brand Award”, “Master Brand Award”, “Superbrand Award”, “Most Preferred Cookware Brand Award” and many more awards.


Pigeon is a major brand of Stovekraft Private Limited (SKPL). Rajendra J. It was founded in 1994 by Gandhi. It began as an ordinary manufacturer of kerosene wick stoves. As of 2017, it has become one of the largest suppliers of kitchen appliances in India, as well as other countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Qatar, Sri Lanka, and Bahrain.

Serve well-known customers including Walmart, Big Lots, and Belk. Today stove craft is an ISO certified company with three manufacturing sites in Bangalore, Baddi, and Sikkim. At some point, it gained its name as the largest LPG stove manufacturer in India.



Sunflame Enterprises Private Limited was established in 1981 but was incorporated on August 21, 1984. It offers a variety of kitchen set styles including glass, designer stainless steel, and traditional stainless steel stoves. Sunflame also designs built-in ovens and microwaves. It is also known for small appliances such as food processors, mixers, induction cookers, and more. Its current headquarters is in Faridabad, Haryana. Sunflame specializes in the supply and trade of cooktops, range, and countertops.



Glen Appliances Private Limited was established in 1999 and incorporated after the year 2000. With its mission as the most sought-after appliance brand, it has skyrocketed enough to achieve its dream. Two decades after its founding, it is now a successful manufacturer and is highly sought after by the brand. He achieved his dream by being one of the leading manufacturers of fireplaces, stoves, kitchens, built-in countertops, and small appliances. It is headquartered in Faridabad, Haryana.



Ermanno Casoli founded Elica in 1970 in Fabriano, Italy. Along with his foundation, the first Elica Cooker was Hood Design. 17 years later, the first Alica chimney hood was designed. After another decade, in 1999, he collaborated with David Lewis to improve his design, technique, and splendor. In 2002, it expanded to Japan, followed by Mexico in 2006 and finally to China and India in 2010.

Alyssa is registered to date as PB India Private Limited, it explains Alica’s refined class of products and cookware. It is also a specialist engine manufacturer. Elka is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. Today, Alica gas stoves are among the best brands across the country. It is producing about 20 million motor cooker hoods every year for home appliances.



Eveready is one of the Asian brands that became world-famous. The company was founded in India in 1905 and was incorporated in 1934. It has flourished as the first and first manufacturer of dry cell batteries which later expanded to several products. Eveready was previously known as Union Carbide India Limited before it became Eveready Industries India Limited.

It is headquartered in Calcutta, West Bengal, and is a symbol company of B.M. Khaitan Group Eveready’s development continued from batteries to flashlights and then fluorescent lamps. Today, it not only sells various battery-powered appliances but also kitchen utensils such as gas stoves. His experience did not limit him to a single product. Producing quality gas stoves, it is now one of the Indian brands.



Inalsa Appliances Limited is a leading company in home appliances. It was founded in 1967 and is a subsidiary of the Taurus Group based in Spain. Inalsa India is headquartered in Delhi. It has been a favorite brand for large retailers in Spain, India, Brazil, South Africa, China, and Mexico.

Inalsa is a leading manufacturer of food processors. And he had always maintained leadership positions in this category. Today, its appliances range from kitchen appliances, home care, and heating appliances. Also in personal care. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is one of the best brands of gas stoves.

These trusted brands can guarantee quality products with good safety standards for Best Gas Stove in India. These brands offer you a selection of gas cookers from one to four burners. They could also make simple proposals for simple style and design. Review the experience of each brand and choose the best brand of the gas stove that suits your needs.

Types of gas stoves

Types of gas stoves

Depending on the gas stove ignition, you will see two common types on the market: ignition is the mechanism that starts the fire in the burner.


  1. Manual ignition

This is the cheapest type. You will light the gas knob and then use a lighter or matches to light the burner.


  1. Self-ignition

It usually costs more than a manual. It uses an electric spark to light the burner. Just rotate the knob and the burner will light up automatically.


These 2 variants can be purchased with one or more quantities of burners depending on the needs of your home and the number of people in your home.

Best gas stove buying guide

If you are looking for the best gas stove on the market, then you should consider the following details:

1. Compatibility with gas available in your city

Always look for compatible gas stoves available in your area. This conversion kit is not a practical way to get your gas suited to the needs of your stove. This should be a priority in your purchasing decision.

2. Output Differential Burners

This is a great convenience for your kitchen if the gas stove has a combination of low performance/flame (for boiling) and high performance/flame (for boiling or fast cooking). Sometimes, no matter how good the knob is, you simply cannot keep it at the correct flame level that you want. The reason is that it is ideal to have one stove with different flame variations per burner.

3. Easy Control

The controls should be easy to use and easy to understand. It makes no sense if you have a good looking stove, but you don’t even know how to use it and all its benefits. Choose types with easy ergonomic knobs that are not too tight or quick to change. Go for a balance of both.

4. Consider the size of your home

Through this, you will know how much food you will need to cook and how many burners will fulfill that requirement. Whereas for small families with 2 or 3 members, choose a 2 burner gas stove. For medium families, buy a 3 burner. And for larger families, especially with 5 or more members, you can’t go wrong with 4 burners.

5. Warranty

Consider how long the warranty for Best Gas Stove in India will last and what your full coverage is. It is always useful to know if you need to troubleshoot or can experience gas stove malfunctions.

There may be many more suggestions about being a smart gas stove buyer, but the above list will already suffice and come in handy.

Frequently asked questions about gas stoves

Here are the top 5 questions gas stove buyers often ask:


1. What should I choose, manual or automatic ignition stove?

This can be answered to your liking. Automatic ignition is more convenient because it does not require your help to ignite, as it uses electricity to ignite. Unlike the manual, where you need to light the stove. Automatic ignition stoves generally cost more than manual ones.


2. Does it come with a regulator and a pipe?

No, it is not usually included. You have the right to choose as you wish.


3. Where is the inlet nozzle located?

It is always on the back, but if it is on the right, left, or middle, it is different. Some nozzles have 360-degree rotation to facilitate your installation of gas.


4. Why does a gas stove have a glass top?

This is an additional security feature. Glass controls thermal heat when used. This also increases its durability.


5. What is ISI certification?

ISI stands for the Indian Standards Institute. If a product has this, it means that it has passed the Indian Standards for home appliances developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards.


Top tips for buying a gas stove

If you adopt these tips then you will definitely get the best gas stove for you:



Go for a gas stove that will make it easier to cook for your entire family or the total number in your home. A carefree kitchen in your own kitchen is everyone’s dream. The quality of the burner and the type of gas stove ignition system must be considered to a large extent here. How gas stove capacity and capacity are based on those criteria.


Always looking for the best and the best qualified on the market. You cannot question their performance evaluation to be sure.


2. Style

The color and shape of the gas stove as well as the body material are of great importance here. Of course, you need to make sure that it fits in the area of ​​your kitchen that you want to install. Some people will also like the gas stove which looks good with the interior design of their kitchen.


3. Features

Glasses that make the life of your kitchen more convenient are some of the accessories you want for your gas stove. This can be the design or material of the top of the stove, making it easier to clean trays or drip holders. Choose the features you want to buy and need in your gas stove before purchasing. As we all know, an additional feature means another additional cost in the price of the product.


4. Price

Make the most of every penny you spend. There are some features for which you really shouldn’t pay more. Choose one that meets both your needs and your budget.


We are sure that you are now ready to decide which is the best gas stove for you and your family. There is no need to thank us for this, as we definitely love and are happy to help you with all your home decisions.

BTW, watch this video below. We want to help you widely, as we are sure that you will find it very useful after purchasing your gas stove.


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