October 14, 2020

Best Hair Straightner in India 2020

There are some features to consider before purchasing a hair straightener. You see, the effectiveness of hair best hair straightening will depend on your hair type.

  • SlikPro care for low risk for heat
  • Ceramic plates for a smooth glide.
  • 210 ° C professional temperature
  • Heat hair fast in 60 seconds
  • warranty 2 years
  • 1.6 m heat resistant cable, plate size: 19×85 mm. Other features: 360 °; Swivel cord, ecological passport.
  • Temperature range: 90-210 ° C
  • This product makes styling quick and convenient at home.
  • Look your best for all those important selfie moments


  1. Can slide through thick strands of hair.
  2. It has safety measures like silkpro care to protect hair from damage.
  3. You can style thick hair with its ionic care formula.
  4. Heats up very quickly and can reach 210 ° C.
  5. 2 year warranty on it.


  1. The flow of heat is not regulated.
  2. It will not shut down automatically.
  • 2 year warranty
  • 24 hours home service.
  • Ceramic Coating, Indicator: LED Indicator
  • 45 second rapid warm-up
  • Advance PTC Heating Element
  • Highest temperature 210 degree centigrade
  • On / Off based switch. Maximum shelf life: 24 months


  1. Various temperature settings.
  2. Rapid heating.
  3. Automatic shutdown for safety.
  4. Rugged design built to last.
  5. 2 year warranty.


  1. Curling is not suitable for hair.
  2. The body can get hot sometimes, it is best if you wear heat protective gloves and are careful.
  • Heavy duty and maintenance free
  • Corded Device and Hair Straightener
  • Multipurpose use
  • 1.6 cable length


  1. Wide temperature range for greater flexibility.
  2. Durable design.
  3. Short warm-up time.
  4. Ceramic coating and automatic shutoff for safe use.


  1. It does not come with a guarantee.
  2. little heavy.
  3. Unique features like any type of locks of ionic conditioning or travel.

Best Hair Straightener in India Review and Buying Guide

We provide you a guide to buy everything you need to know so that you can buy the best hair straightener in India.

The right choice will last longer, treat your hair well, and give you the style you’ve always wanted without compromising anything.

  1. Consider your hair type


This is an important thing that most people ignore. Hair straighteners interact with each type of hair differently. For example, there are many high-temperature hair straighteners on the market. However, if your hair does not conform to that, it can do more harm than good.

thick hair

Due to the thickness of the hair, the shaft is also thicker and therefore requires higher temperatures and wider plates to straighten it.

If you use the lower end of both, you may end up transferring small plates onto the same section of hair again. Such a thing can damage the hair cuticles.

thin hair

Fine hair means the hair strand is weak. Which means that you don’t need to spend money to get a high heat straightener, as it is relatively easy to straighten fine hair.

Curly hair

This type of hair is the most difficult to straighten. Curly hair takes better heating and more time to straighten. As such, be sure to get a hair conditioner that has a fairly high temperature holder. Additionally, we recommend acquiring extensive ceramic coated plates to cover large areas of hair.

damaged hair

It is better not to use iron on this type of hair. But if you want to wear one, we suggest that you do it only occasionally and wear a heat protector. It is best to use an iron with round edges, as it will protect it from snagging and breaking.

  1. Choose dishes according to hair type

To use the straightener for your hair well, you need to choose the right plate size. From heavy duty straighteners to travel mini duty, each comes in specific plate sizes. Let’s take a brief look at all the plate materials that you will find in the hair straightener in the Indian market.

Solid ceramic plates

These types of plates mean that the hair straightener will distribute heat evenly and keep the temperature at a constant level. If your hair is curly then this is a perfect option. They are a great all-rounder and something you will see mostly on hair straighteners.

Tourmaline plate

Some of the best hair straighteners in India that you can find now can use this paste. It is used on effective ceramic tile. As a result, the plates produce the negative ions necessary to counter the positive ions found in dry and damaged hair.

This special ion technique seals in natural hair oils and prevents damage from exposure to heat. The infrared heat generated also gives the hair a smooth and shiny appearance. If you are going to use hair straightener regularly, this is a good option.

Titanium plates

While it has the same characteristics as the tourmaline mentioned above, titanium is also very durable and highly conductive of heat. So it heats very quickly too. They can provide immediate, high-quality results regardless of the condition of the hair.

However, if you opt for these types of plates, be sure to use them with caution.


   3. Width of plates

Hair straighteners come in all types of shapes and sizes. They can be narrow or wide. Each affects hair differently. We will give you some brief suggestions about which plate size would be suitable for your hair. If you are looking for a travel hair straightener, narrow plates would be good to have. If your hair is thick, wide plates will be better for you.

Although if your hair is fine, it would be best to avoid those wide plates, as they produce more heat, which can damage your hair. Here are the exact measurements of the plate and what type of hair we think they are the best for:

  • 2.5 cm – 3 cm plates: Work best on short hair.
  • 3cm to 4cm plate: good for short to medium hair.
  • 6cm plates: can work effectively on long and thick hair.
  1. Observing temperature

The mastery of a hair straightener depends on the type of hair you are working with. Using the wrong temperature can burn your hair. For example, using high temperatures on fine or damaged hair can result in heat loss. A temperature as low as 180 ° C would be best for such hair.

However, if your hair is thick, you can choose a straightener that can generate between 190 ° C and 210 ° C of heat.

We suggest purchasing a hair conditioner with variable temperature settings for versatility. Be sure to stay away from inexpensive hair conditioners, as they distribute heat unevenly between your plates, often leading to damaged hair.

  1. Weight and grip

You should consider the weight of the hair straightener before purchasing one. For example, a heavy straightener can often appear heavy and cannot be used continuously at once. On the other hand, if you use a short hair straightener, you will not feel much tension in your arms. However, they can break easily.

Another aspect that will affect your experience is grip; If you choose a grip size that does not fit your hand, you will not be able to hold it properly. For example, if your hands are small, you would be better off choosing something with a smaller body or handle.

Apart from this, short hair straightener is also a great option if you want to travel.

  1. Do not go for cheap products

We know that when you are on a budget, choosing the hair straightener that works best for you is more difficult and time consuming. You can choose something that heats up quickly, but do not stress your wallet. But remember that when you use a hair straightener your hair may suffer damage.

Cheap models are viable; However, they use low-quality plates and this means that heat is unevenly distributed. As a result, your hair cuticle can get damaged, causing split ends and breakage. Sometimes hair can burn. In our article, we tested many products and chose the ones from the list above. Simply select one that meets your other needs and hair type.

  1. Brand Reputation and Warranty

When choosing from the many features and functions available, you should also consider the reputation of the brand. Many features that little-known brands offer often do not last long, and many of those products do not come with a warranty. For example, professionals often use brands such as Philips.

These brands will do a better job of maintaining their reputation and will also provide a warranty along with reducing repair costs. We select our straightening irony from brands that are heavily trusted and used.

How to use hair straightener safely?

Features to consider before buying the best hair straightener


  • Warm-up time – Some good hair straighteners come with advanced heating technology, meaning that you will have to wait less time before getting warmed up and ready to go.
  • Infused Plates: Some hair straighteners use plates with essential ingredients such as keratin or argon oil that promote healthy hair.
  • Sensor technology: This technology allows the device to diagnose hair and precisely control the heat directly within the plates.
  • Automatic shut-off: Automatically turns off the iron after a certain amount of time to prevent overheating and burning. This is a useful task if you forget to turn it off.
  • Ionic Straightening: With this, the plates will use negative ions to maintain moisture in the hair. On top of that, it will also eliminate the frize by eliminating static.
  • Infrared Heat: This causes hair to get heat from inside, reducing damage from irritation.
  • Push Button Lock: A locking button near the end of the plates locks them together for easy storage. This feature makes iron suitable for travel.
  • World Voltage – Wider voltage support means you can use it and it is easy to use while traveling.


Frequently asked questions about the best hair straightener in India

In this section, we will take a look at some of the questions that most people have while shopping for a hair straightener, which straightener is best for hair?. You can get answers to some of your questions and get a better insight into your purchase.

  1. Does hair straightener cause hair damage?

Yes, it does, if you use it regularly. Some people try to straighten curly hair even after taking a bath. As a result, they can suffer hair loss, as the hair is damaged due to the uneven distribution of heat that is generated by moisture in the hair.

  1. How does a hair straightener work?

Hair straighteners break the hydrogen bonds present in the hair cuticle. Those ties make the hair look curly. Straighteners do this by creating heat from their dishes. Once the bonds are broken, the hair becomes straight.

However, the bonds re-shape each time the hair is exposed to moisture. For this reason, hair straightener cannot permanently straighten hair. Hair regains its original style after bathing or in moist weather.

  1. Are there any side effects of hair straightening?

Iron often has side effects when used. Some of those side effects include:

  • hair fall
  • troubled
  • irritability
  • skin rash
  1. Do I need to use Heat Protectors?

If you comb your hair often, then you should definitely avoid the heat. They are a non-aerosol spray that adds a layer to the hair cuticle to protect them and keep moisture off. You can also go for natural heat preservatives such as argan oil, coconut oil, etc. Some hair straighteners also come with these on plates.

  1. Can I comb my hair every day?

When you style your hair regularly with a flat iron, your hair can easily become damaged, frozen, or dry. This is because heat dries your hair, making it more vulnerable to split ends and breakage. The more you use it, the greater the loss. If you use it regularly while straightening your hair then high heat also increases damage.

  1. Why do my hands get hot when I keep my hair straight?

Some plates, such as titanium, are very hot and begin to emit intense heat. To wear it comfortably, try wearing heat-resistant gloves to protect your hands.

  1. Can I use an iron when my hair is damaged?

We strongly recommend that you do not. Instead, try to fix the hair before use. Otherwise, iron will only cause more damage to your hair as you use it. If you really need to use one, choose the one that does the least damage.

  1. Which temperature ranges are ideal for each type of hair?

You have to use different heat settings on different types of hair to get the best styling. Our experts suggest the following:

  • For fine or damaged hair: 300 ° F
  • Normal and medium hair: 310-390 ° F
  • For coarse, thick, or curly hair: 390-450 ° F
  1. Should I straighten my hair?

Sometimes burnt hair and other objects may stick to the straightener, which reduces its effectiveness. However, hair straighteners are easier to clean, and therefore it is better that you clean them after each use.

  1. Can I straighten my hair while wet?

No, if you straighten it when wet, it can dry completely before styling.

  1. Can I get a cordless hair straightener?

Yes, some straighteners use rechargeable batteries in a direct power source.

  1. How do I tie my hair with iron?

To curl your hair with a flat iron, choose the one that has round edges to wrap your hair around the barrel. Once wrapped, hold them with the barrel for a few seconds depending on the temperature and then release them.

  1. Should I choose ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium plates?

You can choose ceramic plates as they are good for most types of hair. However, if you have thick hair, you can go for something more heat-conductive and special, like tourmaline and titanium. If you choose one of these, be sure to handle it carefully, as they can be warmer than ceramic ones.

  1. What tasks and factors should I look for?

With the number of hair straightener available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which straightener to buy. Below are some things to keep in mind before buying; have a look!

  • Hair Type
  • Plate size and weight
  • Additional functions for greater security, such as auto-off
  • adjustable temperature settings
  • plate coating used
  • Warranty

The conclusion


Now that we have come to the end of what we want to say about the best hair straightener in India, you can safely buy the straightener that you like best.

No matter, heat can damage your hair. We’ve focused on finding straightening irony that does little damage to your hair and gives you the style you’re imagining. Some straightener may appear in the list with similar characteristics; However, each has its own unique characteristics that make them somewhat better than others. The same features will only ensure the best treatment for your hair.

Now it is up to you to make the best of our list and can find the right option for you. Our guides will definitely help you make sure what you do.

How to Straighten Your Hair with a Hair Straightener

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