July 29, 2020

Best Induction Cooktops in India for 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Buying the Best Induction Cooktop for your daily kitchen can be a daunting and tedious task, especially when you do it for the first time and the hard-earned money is at stake. With hundreds of brands and models of induction stoves to choose from, finding an induction stove that suits your daily cooking needs can be very challenging, as you want to make sure you don’t end up buying the wrong induction stove.

But you do not need to worry. If you are looking for the best induction hob for cooking, then you are in the right place. We have confirmed many users across the country and therefore also guarantee the efficiency and durability of the products.

This all-inclusive review guide is divided into two parts: the first lists the best induction stove model; And the second part that includes the best brands is buying advice, types, and other useful and relevant information.

So, without further ado, the following 5 induction stoves are among the hundreds of models we have available in the market, such as Prestige, Philips, Morphy Richards Radiant Cooker, and more.

Best Induction Stoves in India – Reviews

  • Contents: Prestige induction cooktop-pick 20.0. Net Volume: 1 unit
  • Voltage: 230V; Power: 1200W; Antimagnetic walls
  • Troubleshooting Guidelines: Induction based cookware between 12cm-26cm only, works with lower diameter. Control Panel Type: Push Button
  • Excellent features: i) Indian menu option ii) Aerodynamic cooling system iii) Automatic voltage regulator, saves energy. Digital screen.
  • Product dimensions: 38 cm (length) x26 cm (width) x 6 cm (height). Weight: 2.2 kg
  • 1 year warranty.


  1. 100% worth the price.
  2. Smart Products.
  3. Fast service.
  4. Durable.


  1. Occasionally error.
  • There is no need to install this product. For any product related questions contact the brand’s customer service. Customer Service Number: 18001022929
  • Scheduled for Indian cuisine.
  • Touch Start for ease of use
  • Time setting from 0 to 3 hours
  • Automatic shutdown program cooks food safely
  • More comfortable cooking without flame.
  • Cold-touch surface makes food safely
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 2100 Watt
  • Operating voltage: 220–240 volts.
  • Includes: induction hob and user manual
  • HD4928 / 01 to operate
  • Use cookware with a diameter of less than 12 cm or less than 20 cm.
  • Weight of kitchen utensils: should be less than 8 kg (including material + kitchen utensils)
  • After pressing the ON-OFF button (.) Press the Cook Mode button. If the cook mode button is not pressed within a minute, the induction cooker will turn off automatically.


  1. Efficient Product
  2. It is worth the purchase
  3. Faster service
  4. Durable


  1. It sometimes shows error.
  • 7-segment LED display for power and temperature. This stove comes with high-grade power which prevents short circuits. Its top plate top compartment withstands very high temperatures, making it very durable.
  • Smart timer for cooking by hand, cable length: 1.3 m
  • Preset Timer – Auto Power Off, Countertop Material: Ceramic
  • soft push button, temperature control: manual
  • 93 percent energy saving technology
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power input: 230 V and power consumption: 1800 watts
  • Includes: induction hob


  1. Great product quality
  2. favorable budget
  3. It is worth buying
  4. skilled
  5. Quick cooking.


  1. Not reported yet.

Best Induction Stove Brands in India

When you want to buy Best Induction Cooktop, you must have proper knowledge of all the brands and their after sales. These are some of the best induction cooktops brands in India, including their briefs.


Philips is a Dutch technology brand and is based in Amsterdam. It was founded on May 15, 1891, by Gerard Phillips and Frederick Phillips. The brand has focused on electronics, lighting, and healthcare. It was the world’s largest producer by revenue in 2013. In India, Philips is like a parent brand for all electronics and lighting, and we often don’t care about the product specs just by looking at the brand. Philips is a universal brand for all types of home appliances and, in terms of an induction hob, it is a best-selling brand and includes all the technology needed in the Indian home for cooking.


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Prestige was formed in 1996 and is dedicated to the manufacture and supply of medical devices and home appliances. The brand with the name has a huge reputation in the Indian market and is trusted by millions of users. The induction hob is highly reputed and capable of meeting the needs of Indian families. Prestige stoves are efficient equipment and it saves time and cost for cooking.


Pigeon is engaged in the manufacture of home appliances and was established in 1978 in South Korea. All types of household appliances such as kitchen, fry, etc. The low cost of home appliances makes it more accessible to consumers. The pigeon induction hob comes with modern technology but is available inexpensively.





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The Bajaj  Group is made up of 36 companies that include various industries such as automobile, lighting, household appliances, insurance, iron and steel, travel, and finance. The brand is based in India and therefore has a major impact on the minds of consumers. Induction furnaces are compact, economical, and include after-sales services.

Buying Guide to Finding the Best Induction Stove

Best Induction Cooktop are useful and these devices are available in different sizes and shapes at different prices. It is difficult to choose one of the many attractive devices. Induction hobs are very common and are present in almost every household for cooking. However, there are some factors to consider before purchasing an induction furnace:

  1. Affordable – This is a very important factor as it is best to decide on the price before purchasing the equipment. Induction furnaces are available in a different price range, all you have to do is filter the induction furnaces in the price range. It varies from about Rs 1000 to Rs 25000 depending on different types of induction furnaces with different specifications.
  2. Cooking Needed: If you need more cooking zones to be able to do all the cooking at once, you can choose based on this or assume that if multiple power settings are required So it is better to go for the built-in induction oven.
  3. Platform space: Space on the platform is also a factor based on the selection of the induction furnace. If you need a compact and portable furnace, you should look for a freestanding furnace and assume that there are one or two zones that do not opt ​​for the zinc platform
  4. Burner Configuration – Burner output is also an important requirement and must be valued before purchasing any induction furnace. The power of a high burner provides greater efficiency and therefore cooks faster. These simple factors help you save a big part of your hard-earned money.

Now that we have the best stove brands and models in India followed by an enjoyable buying guide, let’s now review what an induction stove is and what type of suit is best for your needs.

What is an induction stove?

Best Induction Cooktop is another cooking oven that operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction and is much safer and efficient than the rest. The induction oven is very easy to use and uses the most energy. This new technology is simple and has been adopted by many households. It is now part of most modular kitchen concepts.

The difference between a gas oven and an induction hob is power consumption which helps to save a lot of money. The induction hob is more efficient than a gas oven and is also energy efficient. Induction hob is more common in modular kitchen concepts nowadays.

Types of induction stoves

Depending on preferences and utilities, there are different types of Best Induction Cooktop. They are available in different sizes and types and their prices also vary. They are as follows:

  1. Built-in stove

Built-in stoves are those that are attached to the kitchen shelf and are usually located for easy use. They usually come in black and white or steel edged black combo and they look really good. These kitchens change the look of kitchens and are also easy to maintain. About five zones can be selected in this type of stove.

  1. Independent induction

Freestanding induction kitchens provide a wide range for setup where it fits between counters. These are available in the form of stove ovens and the best part is that they are also available in different areas and in different types of colors. In the case of independent induction, you also have the option to choose between options for different color ranges and settings. These induction furnaces may also include electric furnaces.

  1. Portable and compact kitchen

These are the most common induction furnaces and the best selling online in India. They can be transported and stored anywhere in the kitchen or home, all you need is a power outlet. They are also available in attractive colors like black and white and can even be carried anywhere. It is the best choice of gas oven.

Frequent questions for Best Induction Cooktop

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about induction cookers which we have tried to answer for your convenience.

  1. What kind of utensils do we need to use with an induction cooktop?

Steel and iron utensils are usually suitable for cooking with an induction cooktop. All other copper or glass utensils are not compatible with induction oven cooking. Expensive copper plates with steel plates are usually compatible with induction furnaces, but they are not as efficient as they consume more energy.

  1. Why do we use only steel and iron utensils and not aluminum?

We use steel and iron because the electromagnetic induction principle works only on steel and iron utensils. Aluminum or other utensils are not compatible, because the basic principle of electromagnetic induction works only with iron and steel.

  1. Is induction cooking safe and sound?

Induction cooking is completely safe and healthy and is more than cooking with LPG and is also very easy to use. Food ingredients are not affected by this cooking.

  1. Difference between induction hob and other methods?

There are many ways of cooking in the cooking area, which are LPG gas cooking, electric heaters, halogen hobs, induction stoves, etc. The difference between them is the technology applied in each type of traditional stove and also the total cost involved in cooking using an oven.

  1. What are the benefits of using induction furnaces?

The advantage of using an induction oven is that it is double as compared to other hotplates like LPG. They are also convenient because they save lots of energy and they are also portable which can be moved from one place to another. It helps to save a lot of money.

  1. What can we cook using the oven? Is there a restriction on food?

There is no restriction on cooking using an induction oven as there is no change in the quality of the food ingredients when using this oven, it is like any other oven.

  1. Do I need a separate platform for induction furnace?

Yes, it is better to keep the induction oven on a stationary platform so that the utensils do not slide during cooking due to any imbalance. The portion of the induction oven comes with a modular cooker, although it is preferable to take this precaution for portable ovens.

  1. What is the cleaning process?

The cleaning process is similar to a gas oven; You can use a cotton cloth to clean the glass-like surface and make sure that it cools for a while so that you do not touch the oven with your bare hands.

Tips for buying an induction stove

There are some guidelines or tips for purchasing an induction furnace which helps you to choose the best induction furnace for you. Purchase tips for induction stove are as follows:

  1. Secure sensor button

Induction ovens include tactile sensors on the hob where the pan is placed to heat and complete the cooking process. The skillet is sometimes kept empty on the hob, so it must be safe to reach the sensor to close the heating process. These sensors help access the induction furnace and lock it when not needed. These sensor buttons must be safe to access.

  1. Easy of use

Usually the kitchen is the main part of the kitchen or we can say kitchen life which is accessed by all the family members and hence it should be compatible and easy to use. The cooking surface is complex, prone to accidents, especially if there are children at home. The induction hob should be easily accessible and simple for cooking.

  1. Displacement Sensor

The tray sensor is something that is present in any induction oven and by which the oven detects that the tray is configured on a hot plate. There is always a chance that an empty tray will remain on the disk for later use and in no case should it be turned on. This condition can give rise to accidents or even energy waste and pan.

  1. Automatic shutdown

Automatic shutdown feature is a common feature in almost all devices today and is considered one of the built-in safety features to save energy or resources. These features are very important and must be present in all devices to ensure user safety.

  1. Power Management

The energy must be managed properly so that energy is not wasted and resources are used properly, such as the first part is boiled while cooking rice and then kept at a low temperature and similarly the oven induction is automatically One should manage the strength so that after the abscess, the power decreases.

  1. Heating

The heating must be well distributed and the cooking must be balanced so that it is sharp and sufficient to avoid the possibility of burning. In the case of an induction furnace, the heat differs from the gas furnace and so it can be difficult initially but once you use it, things become easier and efficient.

Best Induction Cooker - How Does It Work?

The concept behind induction furnace is very simple and interesting. This traditional cooking has made cooking more efficient and economical. The use of the induction hob is very simple and is explained very well in the following video which gives a clear idea of ​​what exactly happens when using the oven. It is considered more energy efficient than other ovens.

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