July 23, 2020

Best Kitchen Chimneys In India for 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Top 3 best kitchen chimneys in India

Over the years, this appliance has been making noise and is gradually becoming an essential element of the kitchen. From the many models and brands of kitchen Best kitchen chimney in India available in the market, it can be difficult to find the best kitchen chimney for your kitchen.

Exhaust fans are replaced by these kitchen fireplaces, as this not only emits smoke but can also absorb oil and smoke, making the kitchen cleaner. This is the main reason you want to get a chimney that will be the best value for you.

Don’t worry, as we cover you! We have listed the best kitchen fireplace in India that will suit your needs and requirements. We have made this possible because we have summarized all the information and reviews to get this list. Read on to find out!

This review guide is usually divided into two parts: the first is where you will find the best models of kitchen fireplaces in India; Whereas the second part is where you will give detailed, concise information about different types of fireplaces, important buying tips, best brands of kitchen fireplaces, things to consider before buying, etc.

  • Size: 60 cm (2-4 burners for wall fireplaces). Motor power is 65 watts.
  • Suction capacity: 700 m3 / h (<100 sq ft for kitchen size and less fry / grill), dimensions (LxWxH): 595x480x527 mm
  • 1-year warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on motor Cassette filters are cheaper but require cleaning every 2 weeks.
  • Control Type: Button Control | Maximum noise (dB): 58
  • Type: Pyramid, Wall Mounted | Black


  1. Best value for money
  2.  user friendly
  3. low noise
  4. powerful motor



  1. Aluminum Cassette Filter gets blackish after some time.
  • Type: Pyramid Style with Side Wall Mount, Powder Coated Finish | Art paint
  • Size: 60 cm (2-4 burner stove for wall fireplaces). Suction capacity: 1050 m3 / h (175 sq ft for kitchen size, medium and heavy fry/grill)
  • Filter: Stainless Steel Baffle Filter | Control Type: Button Control | Maximum noise (dB): 65
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty (7 years on motor and 2 years on the product)
  • Other Features: 2 LED lights, 3-speed settings


  1. Low-cost installation
  2. 7 years motor warranty
  3. Low noise


  1. Pipe provided is of thin plastic and very low quality
  • Size: 60 cm (2-4 wall fireplaces for burner stove)
  • Suction capacity: 1200 m3 / h (for kitchen size> 200 square feet and frying / grilling)
  • 1-year warranty on the chimney and 5 years warranty on motor
  • The baffle filter is suitable for Indian kitchens and requires cleaning every 6 months
  • Control Type: Touch Control | Maximum noise (dB): 58; Level of speed: 3; Stage: Monophasic; Power required: 250; Engine power: 180
  • Type: Curved Glass, Wall Mounted, Automatic Cleaning | Black


  1. decent quality
  2. Very low noise level.
  3.  free installation


  1. Not good oil collector

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

Now let’s talk about the best brands of kitchen fireplaces in India. The following brands are very popular and highly revered in India.

1. Hindware

Best kitchen chimney in india

Hindware fireplaces are consumer devices, the flagship brand of hindware identified for reliability nearly 60 years ago. The self-contained features of Hindware fireplaces make them the best brand of kitchen fireplaces in India. Trusted nationwide due to its continuous efforts to offer innovative products of excellent quality and superb design. An aesthetically crafted and technologically advanced range of kitchen appliances was introduced as part of its expansion strategy under the Hindware Kitchen Ensemble brand. This, along with its commitment to customers, placed them on the 2014 “Fortune India 500” list.

Their fireplace is designed to have a sleek, durable, elegant, and high-performance range with stainless steel and a tempered glass top finish. The only downside is the additional cost for frequent maintenance and installation of some goods (such as PVC pipe). Properly priced Italian design and European craftsmanship maintain a clean, smoke-free cooking environment and a great looking kitchen.

2. Bosch

Best kitchen chimney in india

Bosch is part of the world’s third-largest appliance company, Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group. In India, Bosch established its manufacturing operations in India in 1951. It has now developed into more than 6 development centers and at least 18 manufacturing sites. It is a well-known brand in the market for high-quality electronic products.

Easy to install and use best kitchen chimney in India are available in-store and online. The German technology designed by Bosch Fireplace is one of the best kitchen fireplaces in India. The space for the installation of some Bosch models can be a problem for middle-class Indian kitchens. Your most trusted on-board brand with useful features, good warranty claims, and competitive prices compared to other brands. They get a good score on reliability and customer service, which are the most important criteria for home appliances.

3. Faber

Best kitchen chimney in india

The world leader in kitchen hoods and Best kitchen chimney in India is located in Italy and was built in 1955. Characterized by its mobility, durability, and dedication, Faber holds a prominent position as an engine for innovation in kitchen technologies.

Worldwide, the Faber Kitchen fireplace is known throughout the industry for its unique stand-alone Y2S2 3D technology. While it is expensive, you can take advantage of attractive discounts from time to time and also get a lifetime guarantee.

Today they span a marketing office in 3 continents, 13 countries, and the United States. Due to increasingly challenging globalization, Faber acquired the Frank Group in 2005. With a turnover of over € 220 million, he also set up a plant in Pune, India. It was established with a view to offering high-quality aesthetics and serv.


4. Glen

Best kitchen chimney in india

Glen Appliances Private Limited was established in 1999 in Faridabad, India. It is currently one of the leading suppliers of kitchen Best kitchen chimney in India and home appliances with a turnover of Rs 22 million. Glen fireplace hoods are easy to install and clean. Ductless fireplaces are perfect for the Indian cooking style. Italian motor technology is cleverly designed to reduce noise and improve the durability of the device. Attractive curved glass designs are able to transform your kitchen into an artistic kitchen masterpiece.

Additional warranties on powerful fireplaces, quality products at affordable prices are the key differentiators. Professional excellence, integrity, hassle-free use, and long-term customer relationships ensure them a place among the best kitchen chimney brands in India.


5. Elica

Best kitchen chimney in india

Elica Spa and Alyssa PB India Pvt Ltd worked in India in 2010. However, Alyssa Corporation began operating kitchen and electric motors in the 1970s. They are currently operating worldwide with plants in Italy, Poland, and Mexico. , India, Japan, and China. The Alica brand is the world’s leading manufacturer of home appliances designed specifically for home use.

Ergonomically designed plates, ovens, hoods, boilers, and sterilizers are made of high-quality materials for safe domestic use. Its manufacturing unit, located in Pune, India, produces more than 15 models of integrated plates and more than 50 versions of kitchen hoods. It is notable that they use Italian skills on automated assembly lines. His presence has revolutionized the kitchen appliance industry not only in India but also in Asian markets.

Types of Chimneys

Chimneys are a type of range hoods that are popular worldwide. The best fireplaces can now be classified as mounted in the kitchen, which are:

1. Wall Mounted Chimneys

It is the most common type seen worldwide and is the most popular among Indian cuisine. The chimney is installed against the wall and above the stove. They are also inexpensive and are well suited for most types of kitchens in our country. The fireplaces that we have covered in this article below are mainly wall mounted fireplaces.

2. Island Chimney

This type is used when the stove is not resting on the wall and is in the center of the kitchen. So the chimney hangs from the roof above the stove. We recommend purchasing one that is at least six inches wider than the stove because there is no material around it, such as channel fume/smoke from wall cabinets. Most households in India do not have this type of kitchen slab in the middle of the kitchen. But if you have one, you are lucky!

3. Built-in Chimneys

This type of chimney is integrated into the upper kitchen cabinet which works against the wall. It has the most elegant configuration and a good space saver.

Another way to classify fireplaces would be whether to duct them. However, the types listed above will help you better in your purchasing decision. Now we will move on to things to consider when purchasing a fireplace.Chimneys

Best Kitchen Chimney - Buying Guide

How can you know which is the best chimney for you? What guidelines should you follow before purchasing a chimney for your kitchen? See the list below:

1. Kitchen Size

This is the most important detail to note. The chimney you should get will depend on the size of your kitchen. You did not want to buy one and came home disappointed because it just does not fit. We suggest that if you have a 3-foot stove, get a 3-foot chimney as well. The suction power of the chimney will also depend on the size of your kitchen.

2. Chimney Type

Decide on which type of list you want to go up, also consider the specific location to place the fireplace. But the other important things to keep in mind are the features you want to keep. As following:

Service. Indicator: If the filter needs cleaning or replacement, serves as a warning signal.

Yes. Automatic Heat Sensor – detects heat and oil particles and turns off automatically.

       A. Split Fireplace – The motor is installed outside to reduce noise. are doing. Variable Kit: Some models can be converted from ductwork to ductwork.

       B. Soundproof Kit – Be sure to completely eliminate chimney noise.

       C. Detachable oil pan: It is convenient for cleaning. Oil particles are collected in a container: it can be easily separated.

gram. Self Cleaning Fireplace – It is everyone’s favorite because it is easy for you. The chimney is cleaned by cleaning the oil and taking it out.

3. Chimney Size

We recommend that you follow the size of the stove. It should be slightly larger but no larger than one on your stove. The standard sizes of most fireplaces are 60 cm and 90 cm.

4. Filter Type

Filter types are classified into 3: cassette filters, baffle filters, and carbon filters. The cassette should be cleaned once a week for the best operation. Best for Indian food with spices. It requires little maintenance and can be replaced after years of use. While charcoal, also known as a charcoal filter, is mainly used for odor absorption.

5. Chimney Maintenance

Chimney cleaning can be a tedious task, which is why many people choose a low-maintenance chimney model. Maintenance is usually based on filters required by the chimney model or is a better choice for self-cleaning fireplaces.

6. Warranty and service

You should always keep in mind the warranty specifications for the chimney you receive, along with the services available for troubleshooting and maintaining your fireplace.

These are just the 6 most important things to keep in mind. It’s not hard to remember, is it?

Best kitchen chimney in india Frequently Asked Questions

These are common questions that you should know before deciding to buy that chimney for yourself.


1. Which is better, an exhaust fan or a chimney?

The fireplace is better because it removes both smoke and oil, making your kitchen cleaner and air pollutant-free.


2. Are ducts required in all chimneys?

No, but a chimney with a noose is more efficient because it removes heat from the kitchen. Filters also last longer when there are nozzles.


3. Can I install the chimney myself?

No, it is best to install it by a specialist manufacturer representative. In addition, you can hire a qualified electrician or service engineer to install it.


4. How far should the chimney be installed from the stove?

A recommended height is always indicated in the user manual to ensure product efficiency. And sometimes it is based on the size of your kitchen, so an expert like a qualified service engineer can make the best decision for it.


5. What is the best way to clean the chimney surface?

Stainless steel fireplaces can be washed with regular clean clothes, warm water, and mild soap or dish detergent. Rinse well with water and dry immediately.


6. How often should I change the filter?

Aluminum mesh oil filters should be washed approximately every month or according to their frequency of use. If your cooking style produces more fat, such as frying many foods, you should wash it frequently. Ductless carbon filters have to be replaced on time. Baffle filters are durable and do not require periodic cleaning. They can usually last up to 3 months before washing.

Best kitchen chimney in india buying guide

You don’t want to waste your money on not getting the best chimney for you, do you? So you should pay attention to these last tips!


1. Automatic cleaning or general chimney

This does not mean that regular fireplaces are less effective than automatic cleaning. But if you are looking for comfort and direct chimney maintenance and care, then self-cleaning fireplaces are the best option for you.


2. Kitchen Design

The size of the kitchen is a priority in choosing the best chimney for you, but the design should also be a factor. With many models to choose from on the market, select one that will perfectly match your kitchen, and improve your kitchen’s overall functionality as well as enhance your appearance.


3. Price

The features of the fireplace are generally common to all models, which is why price points really need to be considered. After considering your needs, choose the best value for your budget – from suitability to your kitchen, to your cleanliness and maintenance readiness, and future costs you can bear on filter replacement and more.


4. suction power

The chimney’s suction power speaks for its effectiveness. Do not select one with the highest suction power, just how much you need in your kitchen. Acquiring very small suction capacity is not the way for a large kitchen or vice versa.


We have included all the things for you to consider that you should succeed in getting the best chimney for your home. Feel free return

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