August 7, 2020

Best Water Purifier in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

There is a different type of water purifier available in the market, So choose the right one is very important, Here we provide you “Best water purifier in India” Which help you to purchase.

Here We try to give you a best suggestion for “which water purifier is best or which water filter is best”

  • Technical name: KENT New Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO + UV+ UF + TDS (White) 20 liter/hr Water Purifier
  • White, 8-Litres tank
  • 60W- Power Consumption
  • Input Water Temperature-10-35 C
  • Booster Pump Voltage- 24 V DC
  • Tank Material: Food Grade Plastic
  • Free installation is provided on this product by the manufacturer.
  • It can be used for TDS (500-2500).
  • Product Dimensions: 399 cms (Length) X 255 cms (Width) X 535 cms (Height)
  • Includes: Water Purifier, Installation kit and User manual Technology: RO+UV +UF+ TDS Mineralizer water purification
  • 1 Year Warranty + 3 Years No Service Charge
  • Purification Capacity 20 Liters Per Hour


1, 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty + 3 Years Service FREE
2, Best for hard water
3, Treats a wider capacity of water


1, Waste 650 ml of water is thrown out by the machine from 1 Ltr.
2, Too much maintanance

  • Technical name: Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amaze 7-litres Table Top/Wall Mountable RO+UV+MTDS Grey Water Purifier
  • Capacity: 7 liters tank, Color- Grey
  • Power: 230 watts
  • Material Tank Type- Food Grade Plastic
  • Smart LED indication shows Power On, Purification On, Tank Full Status
  • Free installation is provided on this product by the Eureka Forbes.
  • Can be used for TDS (200-2000), 
  • Auto-shutoff mechanism
  • Advanced RO+UV+MTDS purification Technology
  • Kindly note: For every liter of water purified, 650 ml of water is thrown out by the machine
  • 23.8 cms (Length) X 30.0 cms (Width) X 43.0 cms (Height) Product Dimensions
  • Warranty 1 Year


1, Better for hard water
2, Silent operation
3, Auto-stop function


1, Durability Doutfull
2, Sales and service not satisfaction

  • Technical name: Aquafresh Swift 15 Ltr Mineral Ro+Uv+Tds Adjuster And Uf Water Purifier – White
  • Elegant Design With Transparent Cover
  • Purified Water Level Indicator
  • Push-Fit Components For Leak-Proof Performance
  • Double Purification By Ro And Uv With Tds Controller
  • Computer Controlled Operation With Filter Change Alarm And Uv Fail Alarm
  • Installation To Be Done By Yourself


1, Transparent Cover And Purified Water Level Indicator
2, Value for money.
3, Eliminates hard water issues


1, Non responding customer service.
2, Wastes water

How does water purifier works? || Purifier Process Animation || UF UV Purifier working

Best Water Purifiers Brands in India

The best water purifier Comes with best compony so here some of the best company which provide you the best service and product

Best water Purifier


The Cantt was started by Dr. Mahesh Gupta in 1999 with its headquarters in Noida. Reverse osmosis (RO) technique has been applied for the purification of water. Kent’s products are exported to all SAARC countries like Middle East, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc. Kent purifiers are perfect for the home and are durable. This efficient purifier is perfect if your water supply is not pure and contains impurities.

Eureka Forbes (Aquasure & Aquaguard)

It is a consumer goods company specialized in the production of vacuum cleaners and is based in Mumbai, India. It was founded in 1982 and is also a part of the Shapoorji Pallonji group. In addition to vacuum cleaners, Eureka Forbes produces water purification, air purification, and home security solutions.

They sell their water purifiers under two different brand names: Aquasur and AquaGuard. Aquasure water purifiers are low-cost water purifiers from the company and Aquaguard is headed towards a premium segment of people who are typically over-priced. Eureka Forbes water purifiers are quite old within the market and have gained a reputation within the market.


Hindustan Unilever Limited Pureit is an Indian consumer goods brand engaged in the production of various appliances and is headquartered in Mumbai Maharashtra. Products include foods, beverages, cleaning agents, care products also as purifiers. Pure Water Purifier is very budget-friendly and easy to use. These purifiers can be used in places where impurities are included in the water supply.

Blue star

Blue Star Water Purifier
While his vision was initially set on air conditioners and commercial refrigeration, Blue Star has since expanded its horizons as a manufacturer of water purifiers. Although founded in the 1940s, the company only really settled into the manufacturing business in the 60s.

Blue Star markets its water purifiers primarily under the Aristo and Majesto trademarks. Although Blue Star is fairly new to the water purifier scene, the company is already leaving a positive footprint.

AO Smith

AO Smith Water Purifier
With a reputation that spans generations, this American company has become a household name in the manufacturing sector. While AO in the water purification business Responsible for Smith’s exploits, the company began as an engineering firm dedicated to designing for construction companies.

AO Smith not only supplies water purifying equipment, but the US company also provides its global customers with water heaters and boilers. Being the first American company to enter the Indian water purifier market, AO Smith has made a name for many Indian residents.


Havells Water Purifier
Established in 1958, Havells is considered one of the largest companies in India. The company has a number of products in the Indian market including water purifiers and heaters. Havells is so popular in India that it has about 11 manufacturing plants in the country.

Havells makes significant revenue from its global sales following the acquisition of one of the largest electricity companies in the Netherlands. Havells-owned 12 manufacturing plants in India make a statement about its position in the market.


Livpure water purifier
In India, a company cannot be more proud of their water purifier than Livpure. This may come as a surprise given the production of air conditioners and air purifiers. And they have awards to show for it. With the level of attention they give to the processing and certification of holes, the rewards are not hard to fathom.

Best Water Purifiers Buying Guide

Water type

One of the first things you should ignore when buying “Best water purifier in India”  is the nature of the water source around your home. The chemical content of water varies with location. For example, hard water contains calcium and magnesium salts, and if the water boils it destroys your kettle.

Issues of formation and post-laundry difficulty are challenges that come with hard water. Coldwater, commonly found in rivers and lakes, is not such an issue. While some water purifiers are intended to solve hard water, others do not have such capability.

If your home depends on a hard water source such as groundwater and tanks, then you want to choose a water purifier that treats hard water. Reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers are hardly your best bets to end a hard water crisis.


The water flowing from different mohallas has different impurities. While water purifiers are equipped with the latest technology to purify your water, many tasks will fail.

Water purifiers differ in their ability to treat water as previously repeated. With a simple filtration, which is used in various water purifiers, some microorganisms will still find their way into the purported and purified water and this can last until you or someone you love falls ill. Go

Understand the mechanism of each water purifier and compare it with the water condition of your home before you shop.

water availability

Depending on the location of your home, the availability of a water source may be important for a water purifier. Some of these devices require an abundance of water because they waste a great deal of water during the purification phase.

RO type comes to mind. 50% efficiency will not be acceptable in an area with inadequate water supply. You may want to keep in mind what water purification to buy.


Time is precious. And most people would not like to spend their time cleaning a water purifier regularly.

Believe it or not, some “Best water purifier in India”  require you to clean them regularly; Otherwise, you will not get zero-service. Ultra-filtration water purifier falls in this category. You have to clean your membrane weekly at a minimum if you want it to do a good job of purifying your water.

Can you deal with that If this is something you cannot possibly handle, then you should look into other water purifiers such as RO or gravity-based types?

Having dealt adequately with the buying guide, let’s answer some questions that most buyers ask regarding a water purifier.

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